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Class Price List

Registration Fee:

For studio members Performing Arts Year
$25.00 pp (due upon registration)

Recital Fees per Family: $50.00 due by March 13th.

Fees are the following 45 min or 1 Hour Classes for one:

1st Class $45.00 Monthly
2nd Class $70.00 Monthly
3rd Class $95.00 Monthly
4th Class $120.00 Monthly
5th Class $135.00 Monthly
6th Class $150.00 Monthly
7th Class $165.00 Monthly
Unlimited $195.00 Monthly
1 hour 15 minute Class Fee $55.00 Monthly
1 1/2 Hour Class Fee $60.00 Monthly

Fees for Family Discounts:
Additional $35.00 monthly fee for 1st class
Add $25.00 each additional class thereafter
**(Student Sibling must be enrolled to receive this price)**

Father/Mother & Child Additional $15.00 Monthly
Home School - Dance Only $40.00 Monthly
Art Class(depends on projects) $55.00 Monthly

Solo/private classes for any performing art student
30/45 Minutes-(Piano) $18.00 /$22.00 per lesson
45 Minutes $33.00 per lesson
1 Hour $44.00 per lesson

*10% Discount on Monthly fees if paying up front- 4 lessons @ a time if taking other classes (if not FULL-PRICE / Prices are additional to class rates

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