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The Arts Academy

Studio Information

For Dance and Performing Arts


Studio Hours

Our studio hours are Monday-Friday's from 3:00 until 9:00 pm (Some Weekends, Fridays are if something is scheduled.)

Any questions or concerns can be addressed during this time.If your schedule does not accommodate these hours, please call 336-434-3001 and leave a message.


Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per person is required with the registration form to reserve a class space. No registration is considered without Registration Form and payment received.



The Arts Academy does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all students must be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s family policy is your only source of reimbursement.


Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is critical to both the dancer's progress and to the progress of the entire class. If you must be absent please call and leave a message to alert the studio staff. There are no refunds on tuition or credits given for missed classes.


*To insure the safety of our students we ask for all parents to pick up students on time and not to drop off any student more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class time. Please remember our teachers may be coming from other jobs prior to class beginning. However, we do require that all students remain in the lobby area until their ride arrives to pick them up after classes end.


Inclement Weather

In poor weather conditions, we will be cautious in deciding whether not to open the studio. You can call the studio at any time if in question however, we will send out an

Email regarding classes after 2:00 (that day) to insure safety to all students and faculty members. If time allows we will try to make up these classes on another day, but this is not required.


Holidays/School Closings

The Arts Academy will be closed for major holidays, but will remain open for teacher workdays.Studio will be closed for the following (Dates will be posted on Calendar):

Labor Day

Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Friday)

Christmas/New Year (school calendar closing 2 weeks)

Spring & Easter break (to be announced) or use this week to make up for snow

Memorial Day - (Optional)

Private Lessons

Lessons are available upon request for all types of dance and performing arts. These lessons give individual, concentrated attention and are invaluable in improving technique or mastering complex movements.  Students preparing for pageants and talent shows or competitions often choose this. Ask for rates from any staff member. We also will rent out the studio for your child to come in and practice if needed. See staff member for scheduling and details.


Class Placement

Age and experience are considered in the placement of each student.  However, ability is the deciding factor.


Class Observation

Parents will be notified of opportunities for observation days.



As a studio we reserve the right to dismiss any student/or parent from the studio at any time.


Competition Teams & Company Members

Company Members will participate in a variety of competitions during the months of February to April and upon winning a National competition practice will continue during summer months.Any student that wishes to be a part of these groups must try out. Try outs are normally held before the summer months & classes begin in the month of June. Company Competition team divisions are the following: Mini's, Junior, Senior, Elite.All company members will join based on their abilities to perform.All rules apply to Voice, Drama & Vocal Motion members as well. Costumes will be ordered early and full payment required at that time.


Being a part of a competition team or company member is your choice and attendance is important.Any member is only allowed 3 absences during the months of 1st semester and the same during 2nd semester until all performances are completed.If your team should make nationals then you will be required to attend additional practices.

If for any reason a team member should quit, they will forfeit their competition fees and costume fees along with any fundraiser money that has been raised.That money will then go to the team members. Fundraisers will be held different times during the year to help with expenses.Dates and times will be given at a later date. Company members are required to help with all fundraiser events.


Dress Code

All members of our studio will need to wear proper dance attire and shoes for his/her class. (Proper shoes must be worn on the dance floor. Shoes that are used in every day wear can damage the floor.) This promotes unity and discipline among our students.Street clothes are not allowed (except in Musical Theatre Classes). For Hip Hop classes dance attire should be worn or loose fitting clothing. (NO BAGGY JEANS, sweats are fine). Please pull hair away from the face and off the neckline. Any dancewear may be ordered through the studio.  Please ask any staff member for help in this area.



Tuition is due the 1st of the month & no later than the 8th therefore; tuition remains the same whether it is a long 5 sessions or short 3 session month.Payments are made from the months of August until June (unless you are involved with the competition groups rates still apply in summer months) and are non-refundable.Summer classes will be held and those fees will be separate from regular dance calendar year.


If your child should decide not to continue any performing arts class a 30 day notice must be given of intent to drop class before October 1st, otherwise the customer is responsible for all monthly tuition and any fees associated with classes. Upon registration you are agreeing to pay for the full dance calendar year beginning in August until May/June-performances at end of year. By signing your Registration form you are agreeing to the terms of studio. If fees are not paid the responsible party will be turned over to collections for payment in full.


A statement will only be sent if your account should be past due.  A late fee applies after the 8th of the month in the amount of $25.00. We do understand emergencies arise, please inform staff if there is a need. We do except VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER. A 24-hour notice is required canceling any private session or fees will apply. Automatic Drafts are now available ask how to sign up. Automatic Draft will be applied to all monthly payments.Costumes and private lessons/other accessories can be paid for by other means, however must be kept up to date.

All returned checks have a service charge of $25.00.Every customer is expected to keep all payments current in order to keep the placement of your child.If all fees are not up to date at the time of Spring performances they will not be allowed to perform.



All classes except for technique classes will have costumes for the spring dance recital.  Costumes will have payments due by the following dates: September 26-29th, and October 24-27th in the amount of $40.00 each child.  Final balance will be due by January 16-19th for any amount left over.  All fees will be sent out for costumes by the week of January 2nd to make sure parents have allowed funds for the required dates given. Deposits have to be paid on time, so costumes can be ordered.  If not paid by dates given there is a late fee of $10.00 each time. You can add additional amounts to your monthly tuition at any time to make sure you have items paid for ahead.


Costumes are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Once the order has been placed, you are responsible for the remaining balance regardless if you have cancelled your dance class.

If you are registering after the cut off dates, the parent is to pay the costume balance in full before it can be ordered and separate shipping/handling charges may apply.

No costumes will be given out until your costume is paid in full along with monthly tuition.  We also will send out a list of items needed for your child in January.

Performing Arts Programs will be held during the month of May or June. Dates and times will be given as soon as they are set.  Musical Theatre groups will perform on different weekends to provide flexibility for parents and teachers. Musical Theatre Performances will be held in May/June.  Musical Theatre performances are held at Sunset Theatre in Asheboro along with practices prior to performing days.

Parents please remember all performances and practices are mandentory and are a requirement to the studio when this time arrives.  Dress rehearsals will be held the week prior to performing.

A Recital Fee of $50.00 per family is due by March 13th no later than the 15th of the month or a late fee of $15.00 will be added to this total. These fees are for all performances held in the spring by all students.



In the spring each class will have pictures made in their recital costumes for the program book as a group.  Parents may also choose to have individual pictures made at this time. A schedule of dates and times will be sent during the month for April along with prices.


Recital Programs/Videos

We encourage all parents to place an ad in the program for their special dancer.  This book or video will serve as a “keepsake” for years to come.  All fees and information pertaining to this will be sent during the month of February to be turned in during the 3rd week of March.  All ads and photos must be turned in by this date in order to have information to printers. No ads or pictures will be accepted after that date. 

Each year we will have someone available to video tape our performances for both dance and musical theatre.  In years past we have allowed families to tape, but due to time and expenses, our videographer will be the only person allowed to tape during performances unless prior consent is given by the studio. No other video cameras will be permitted at any performances.

Forms will be sent out during the month of April for pre-payment of the DVD of performances coming up.  All forms/money will be due by the month of May to insure your copy in time.  They will be edited and returned during the summer months normally (after week of July 4th).



We plan on participating in the Christmas parades in High Point and Archdale. If the studio decides to do any other parades parents will be notified ahead of time.  Those dates will be sent home in the monthly newsletter on days and times.  Pick- up/drop-off information will also be given at that time. In order to participate in the parades your child may be required to purchase parade wear.  Studio will notify you ahead of time if this should apply. We ask that parents help with decorating of the floats in order to relieve stress of teachers.  Set dates will be set aside to work on items needed. Calendar of dates will be given closer to the events.





Summer Programs

Students who continue dancing during the summer months will see dramatic improvements in their dance ability.  Summer is also a great time to try out new things or perfect technique. Summer fees will be listed on summer Registration forms at that time of sign ups.  Our programs are designed for all ages and experience levels.  They include:


*Dance mini-themed camps

*Drama Camps

*Try outs for Competition Teams

* Specialty Camps & Workshops


Special Events/Birthday Parties

We will have different events that we will plan and pass information out during our monthly newsletters and web-site.  We encourage all to plan with your family and friends to attend. We have all different types of parties that we can custom for your child, just ask!


Daycare Information

We offer a summer program for all day services.  A Calendar will be provided in the month of April of what is offered and the rates.  The do offer performing arts during this schedule.  Field trips are also included. Payments are due at the beginning of each week.


Check out Website for classes offered

All inquiries can be sent to: or

 Call 336-434-3001.