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Dylan Drye

Welcome to my page!
My name is Dylan and I've been playing guitar around 4 years. I took lessons then became self taught.
I have lead worship for 2 years in a worship band at church. I've taught many kids throughout those years and LOVE to teach.
I like like to have a good time while teaching and having fun, making jokes and getting to know each other. I look at my students more as friends than student.
I mainly teach acoustic and can teach you any song you'd like, style, key and more!
By teaching you 4 cords you can play every song in the world. I hope to meet you in person and spread the gift God has given me to share to your children or anyone you might know that would love to learn?
Everyone should have an outlet to express themselves and acoustic is a great way to do that!
I'll see you at The Arts Academy and May God Bless!