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Classes Offered

At The Arts Academy we offer a variety of dance and performing arts classes to children starting at the age of 2 to Adult. Age and experience are considered in the placement of each student. Class observations will be held during the months of December and May only. Dates of class schedules will be given in monthly newsletters. Parents are asked to wait in the lobby area until your child’s class is finished. This way the teacher has their undivided attention during the whole class and there are no distractions.

Ballet is the core of all dance forms. This class will focus on ballet terminology and the proper technique of ballet. This includes positions, turns, leaps and barre work.

This class focuses on combining rhythm and sound with music.

Focus on all body movement with rhythm. This class includes country, pop and hip hop into the dances to make learning fun.

students will focus on terminology and proper technique of leaps turns and other aspects of jazz. Student must continue to take a Ballet class.

This class combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz technique. Student must continue to take a ballet class.

Pom Pom
This class incorporates cheer motions, jumps, and precision into routines. Dancers will use pom-poms in the routines but will not cheer.

This class works on jumps, motions, tumbling, cheers and stunts.

Hip Hop
This class will consist of street funk, popping, locking and video choreography. Classes will incorporate new styles and choreography will be introduced each week.

Musical Theatre
Students will incorporate elements of dance, acting, voice, and performance techniques. The class may take field trips to watch professional performances. Students age 5 and up are welcome. There will a performance at Christmas and Spring.

Vocal Motion
Students will learn a song and dance to perform at competition level. Auditions will be done in order to participate. There will be mostly singing and dancing, however some lip sync could be involved at times. Younger students will be introduced to voice warm-ups, but mostly lip sync.

Students will learn some Music theory and range. They will work up to competition levels and compete when ready. Private lessons are required.

Zumba & Piyo
These two classes combine mind and body to create long, lean muscles, strengthen balance and improve overall wellness. Dance training is not a pre-requisite; however both forms of exercise can have a great impact on dance technique.

This class for kids has lots of movement, dance and fun exercise.

Pageant Preparation/Modeling
This program concentrates on style and poise and overall awareness of what is needed to pursue this area. After completion of this class they will be informed of pageants they can participate in. They will work one on one with the instructor to complete the goals at task.

Two Peas in a Pod-Preschool Combination Classes
This class is for preschoolers and a parent. It helps students develop rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and space awareness building a foundation of dance. Each class will help develop fine motor skills and teach them how to work together as a class.

Mother or Father Son/Daughter
Parents along with their children will learn combinations. They will also learn partnering technique with their child while they have a bonding experience.

Children’s Fitness
This class will work with children ages 4-6 on developing fine motor skills and contain fun exercise activities. Fitness Craze- Students would range from the ages 7 and up doing different types of fitness workouts (mixed with yoga, aerobics, zumba). We would have a registered nurse here on staff to help with any child that would need this as a need to loose weight program. However, even if any child is not looking to lose weight and just maintain or work out some of that extra energy then this will be the class they would want to try. A journal would be kept at all times and a workout with what that child needs would be issued.

Expressions Class (Dreaming Big Project)
This class is designed for children with special needs to help them express themselves through music and dance. Art classes will also be provided for those inspiring little artists. Ages will be divided upon those registered for instruction. We hope to enrich lives of these children so they can achieve their goals. Our staff will provide a fun and caring environment by building self confidence and having fun. Beginning age is 5 yrs. and up.

Art Lessons-(6 week sessions held)
starting from age 5 our classes will introduce all areas of Art from drawing to watercolors. Shading and different types of crafts will keep their busy minds going. At times different themes along with Holiday’s will help enrich creativity. Rates depend on each session held separate prices from regular classes held to cover materials.

Private Lessons
Lessons are available upon request for all types of dance and performing arts. These lessons give individual, concentrated attention and are invaluable in improving technique or mastering complex movements. Students preparing for pageants and talent shows or competitions often choose this. Ask for rates from any staff member. We also will rent out the studio for your child to come in and practice if needed. See staff member for scheduling and details.