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Great to see everyone back! Check out our new art teacher Kelly Johnson



New Art Teacher

Kelly Johnson

Learn about her and see her schedule here

What makes "The Arts Academy" different from other studios?

The Arts Academy is the only facility in the Archdale, Thomasville, High Point area that offers a complete arts curriculum.
In addition to various types of dance instruction, we have classes for musical theater, voice performance, piano, guitar, and violin lessons as well as art training.
Students will find themselves totally immersed in the arts experience with our highly trained instructors and wonderfully creative atmosphere.

In a world that seems to be cold and heartless at times, you can count on the faculty at The Arts Academy to take a vested interest in your child.

Encouragement will envelope students as they meet goals and overcome challenges. Life is a stage and all of our students will gain confidence and self- esteem to expand their horizons in life.
Movement and music are kept to tasteful selection and age-appropriateness. Fun is always a key ingredient in all classes.

With all these characteristics, how can you go wrong with
The Arts Academy ?